5 Tips on flirting

By | August 24, 2019
  1. Be friendly; women know that when a guy approaches them it is because they think they are attractive, if you don’t give this woman that impression she will like it. Approach her in a friendly manner asking about something that does not seem too personal so she will not think you’re hitting on her just yet. Ask a question that you might ask anyone, and then pretend you did not notice her for a couple minutes then try initiating a conversation. If she finds you attractive she will most likely start to talk to you before you start to talk with her again anyway.
  2. Give her compliments, but do not sound corny, say something you really believe. If you like her hair, or shoes, tells her that you do. Tell her you like the way she smells. She will be flattered.
  3. Let her talk. Just try to listen to what she has to say. Most girls take control of the conversation by talking…a lot. If you let her talk you will not sound conceited at all and she will feel you want to hear about what she has to say. She will ask you a question if she is really interested in something about you. Prepare questions for her and she will ask questions in return.
  4. Sound interested. A lot of the time she will be babbling on about something you have no interest in, but even if you’re not listening at least act like its important to you. If you’re interested in everything she has to say it ups your conversing points with her. If your interested in what she is saying she will feel more comfortable to talk even more and eventually you will be interested in something she has to say…I hope.
  5. Be touchy. If she lets you, and is comfortable with it, then try to be touchy with her. Put your arm around her or tickle her once in awhile. Only do this occasionally or it will get annoying. If she is tickling you back in return, putting her arm around you, or making any physical contact back to you, you will know you’re in there and that she is flirting back with you.

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