9 Tips for Making a Great First-Date Impression

By | August 24, 2019

9 Sizzling Tips to Help Your First Date Be a Success!

Tip #1: Ask friendly questions. Having a hard time making conversation? Before you go on the date, first review the other person’s profile and then think of a few questions to ask. These will help you get to know the other person better. “Ask, don’t babble.”

Tip #2: What to Wear? So you’ve read GQ or Cosmo, still having a hard time figuring out what “look” you should have? Ladies, definitely dress conservative for the first date – you want him talking to you, not ogling your goodies. And guys, clean and simple does it – no fancy threads are needed for the first date. No tshirts, no silk – a polo shirt works great.

Tip #3: Be Upbeat. Be upbeat, smile, give the other person reassurance that you’re fun to be around. And sincere. Many people complain or talk about their past. Be in the present – be pleasant. Be yourself – don’t try to be what you think they want.

Tip #4: Late to the party? Being late shows disrespect and is a sure turn off. Make a good first impression by being on time. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes lead time.

Tip #5: Don’t wear any cologne or perfume. Nowadays, these are a turnoff to most. Deodarant alone is fine. Try it.

Tip #6: Confidence is Sexy. How do You show confidence? Make sure to keep eye contact and a pleasant, relaxed conversation. Being sure of yourself is attractive – and your date will notice it!

Tip #7: Avoid Current Events. Avoid politics, religion, and world events like war. Your goal is to learn about the other person’s values. Bringing up potential topics of disagreement is a sure way to not get a second date. Stay in neutral territory at first

Tip #8: Read their Body Language and React. Are they studying the tabletop more than you, twenty minutes into the date? Or, are they leaning forward, making more eye contact? Learn to judge when you’re “blowing it” versus when you’re making a good impression. React to the signals that are being sent to you.

Tip #9: Parting Shots. Ok the date’s over, the check’s been paid. If you want to see them again, tell them so, in a casual way – “I had a good time, thanks – hey let me know if you want to get together again.” This opens up the possibility of a next date, without asking for a commitment or getting an awkward silence.

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