Best Way to Impress Women

By | August 24, 2019

One word: Respect

Women think much differently from us men, so you have watch what you say all of the time. The thing women love most is when men respect them. Women are constantly worrying about men just trying to get into their pants. This goes through every womans mind all of the time. Much of the time it isn’t a problem but if you want a nice girl then you will need to be especially nice and say the right things. Be respectful, show her that you respect her and treat her like a queen.

Some women hate when men come up to them just because of their looks; that will of course mean he only wants one thing. If you make a more subtle approach, a friendly or random approach, the woman will be more interested in having a relationship with you. This is the exact reason why you should not talk to the lady in the group you like as much as the others until you slowly get to know her. It seems stupid… I said the same thing until I actually tried this. Yes…women are impossible.

Other ways to impress women include: Being very nice, honest, caring, emotional (on occasion), modest, confident (not cocky) not showing that you like her a lot; for example, do not call her everyday or seem desperate.

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