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Top 5 Ways of Improving Your Relationship

Make sexual episodes spontaneous. Avoid making your sex life routine. Try to make surprises for her. Instead of inviting her over everynight at the same time in the same place do something different. Take her out and go to a lover’s point and try it in the car or even outside if she’s real kinky.… Read More »

Long Distance Relationships

Everyone always wonders about having a relationship where the partner lives hours away. This is a very hard subject to work with because there are many cases where the relationships do work. But in most cases, do not work, or do not work correctly. Much of the time a person will meet someone else and… Read More »

5 Things to Avoid in a Serious Relationship

Do not be eager to sleep with her. Better yet, pass up your first chance to sleep with her. If you do this she will know that you respect her and that you are not just looking for a good lay; women worry about being used. Absolutely avoid the relationship to get based on sex.… Read More »