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Help! They Didn’t Write Back (boo hoo)

Help! The @$&% Didn’t Write Back – What’s UIp with That!? I’ve had all kinds of responses from guys I’ve emailed, from “great wanna get together?” to “thank no thanks” and even the frequent “no answer”. Here’s a few ideas that may help you deal with life in cyberspace when someone doesn’t reply to your… Read More »

Five Practical Ideas to Help You Get from Email to Live Dates

Idea One: Talk on the phone first. Ok, the other person’s picture looks fine – so let’s take some time getting to know the other person on the phone. It may be that they look great, send nice emails, but are hard to understand, or sound like “something’s not right.” Pay attention to your instincts. Talk… Read More »

9 Tips for Making a Great First-Date Impression

9 Sizzling Tips to Help Your First Date Be a Success! Tip #1: Ask friendly questions. Having a hard time making conversation? Before you go on the date, first review the other person’s profile and then think of a few questions to ask. These will help you get to know the other person better. “Ask, don’t babble.” Tip #2: What to… Read More »

Can You Trust Them? Here’s How to Tell

First off, let me start by saying I used to always give people the benefit of the doubt. But, after finding out my latest infatuation was really married (and keeping it secret!), I became more cautious. Be a skeptic online, and here’s some tips that can help you avoid the problems I had: The red… Read More »

Online Tips

Find out when she wants to meet you (or go on a date if you have already met her) When you meet people online in your area it is a lot easier to chat with and be casual with through email and instant messaging.This is good because it makes the signs much easier. You will… Read More »

How to Start Dating

Prerequisite: You have met your lady and have her number Before you start taking her places in your car you might want to take another look at that as well. Is she (your car) in good health? Could she use a carwash perhaps? Always think ahead. Maybe you might even want to fix up your… Read More »

How to Know If They Are Interested

Some of us guys don’t know when a woman is interested so we don’t know when to make a move. So keep in mind these things when you meet a woman or you’re on a date with her. Usually you can feel the vibes right? Not always though, sometimes the signs are a little more… Read More »

How to Meet Somone

Prerequisite: You have done the preparing step. Now that you met the provisions of a dating man, you’re anxious to start meeting women! If you do not meet or have not even tried to meet the provisions I do not recommend going further. At least do some of the things that are mentioned above. This… Read More »

Pickup lines: Good or Bad?

Pickup lines: Good or Bad? Pick up lines are always fun but they can only get you to a certain point. The pickup line will not get the girl to your apartment. You need to follow up your pickup line. When you tell a girl a pickup line at a bar you will need to… Read More »

Preparing to Go Out

Prerequisite: You are willing to spend money to liven up your social life Before looking for women you must prepare yourself and prepare your house incase you need to take someone back to it. This may seem silly but it is the most important part in meeting women. First go to the mirror. Do you look… Read More »