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5 Tips on flirting

Be friendly; women know that when a guy approaches them it is because they think they are attractive, if you don’t give this woman that impression she will like it. Approach her in a friendly manner asking about something that does not seem too personal so she will not think you’re hitting on her just… Read More »

Best Way to Impress Women

One word: Respect Women think much differently from us men, so you have watch what you say all of the time. The thing women love most is when men respect them. Women are constantly worrying about men just trying to get into their pants. This goes through every womans mind all of the time. Much… Read More »

Honesty is the Best Policy

Another issue that many people have with the online dating scene is the fear that the other person is not being honest. This happens far less than most people assume but I am sure it does happen every now and then. None of our contributors has been lied to or sent a fake picture of… Read More »

Protect Your Privacy

In our experience, one of the biggest reasons people do not use online personals is because they are scared their privacy will be invaded. They don’t want to have to worry about people they are not interested in, having their email address. They don’t want to have to worry about some stranger that they have… Read More »

Are Online Personals right for you?

That is a tough question for some people. Many of the people we talk to are scared of meeting people online they have pre existing notions about what it means to post a personal ad. They feel that their privacy will be invaded or they will end up with some crazy guy or gal emailing… Read More »