How to Meet Somone

By | August 24, 2019

Prerequisite: You have done the preparing step.

Now that you met the provisions of a dating man, you’re anxious to start meeting women! If you do not meet or have not even tried to meet the provisions I do not recommend going further. At least do some of the things that are mentioned above. This is a pretty simple procedure because you can in fact meet women relatively anywhere. There are however, “good” places to meet women. Be social! Social places where women that want to be met will be. A bar or a coffee shop like starbucks or billiards is a good start. Go there with a friend and look for women.

When you see one you like, make yourself noticable and when you see her eyeing you, then it might be time to say something. You will know she is interested because you will make eye contact on more than one occassion so it will not be coincidence. If you’re not sure or you’re too shy to just approach her, wait while she has a cigarette outside then you will conveniently need to smoke at the same time as her. This will give you a chance to talk to her alone when she is away from her friends. Don’t be shy either; after all, you’re lookin’ good and you’re prepared. 😉 Go up and ask her her name and ask her if she wants a drink. Try to chat with her and before you or her departs, get her number so you can start the dating game.

Another place to meet women is the beach or pool. Women at the beach tend to be less conservative, (besides you already get to see their body so you know which lady to choose. 🙂 Walk with your friend or dog or even by yourself across the beach until you see a nice place to lay down. This place will be not far from a beautiful or group of *beautiful women* of course. After a while at being at the the beach, if you and the lady you’re looking at don’t make eye contact either do something to make yourself noticeable, like walk past them to the bathroom or the ocean. When you make eye contact then you know to say something… again don’t be shy, you will know that she wants you to approach her. She might get up and walk past you intentionally or periodically, look over to see that you’re looking at her, which of course you will be. Don’t wait too long to make your move.

If you’re too skinny for the beach and too shy to go out then try a local party or local woman. At a party, everyone is significantly more relaxed than anywhere else. You will have alcohol in your system as well which makes the shyness less of a factor. Everyone is trying to have a good time and socialize — the perfect place to meet someone. This time instead of waiting for the “green light” by eye contact, approach every woman you find interesting. It is understandable to talk to everyone. Start a conversation and you will see by her body language and interest in you if she’s interested in you or not. If she tends to be close and flirty more than passive then you know you’re getting along. If you don’t feel you know if she’s interested or not then ask her if she wants to sit down with you outside or over there or perhaps in the room. If she declines then that’s your sign to move on to the next woman.

These are not the only places to meet women. You can meet them on your school campus, at work, or anywhere. You always run into a beautiful woman at the wrong time so always be prepared and don’t be shy. Women like self confidence. Honesty can work much of the time also. Say you stopped at a shop before school or work and you spot a lady. Tell her you find her interesting and beautiful but unforunately you’re going to be late for class or work and you would like her number. Improvise. Remember this is only a guideline. If something is not working for you, then feel free to email us.

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