How to Start Dating

By | August 24, 2019

Prerequisite: You have met your lady and have her number

Before you start taking her places in your car you might want to take another look at that as well. Is she (your car) in good health? Could she use a carwash perhaps? Always think ahead. Maybe you might even want to fix up your car before you start meeting women.

Put a body kit on it and change the lights, tint the windows and modify your exhaust. Any of the three will help you impress her. Add some doo-da’s inside the car too. Maybe a bobbling head or seat belt wrap. Maybe a sound system and a nice cd player in your car will impress her. Anything or everything will excite the lady and make her feel better being with you. These things again are not needed but will guarantee better chances with your potential girlfriend.

Okay you got yourself this honey’s number, good job. Now you need to figure out the best place to ask her out to. First call her… not the next day… never the next day. Wait a day or two after you asked her for her number then try giving her a call.
Before you ask her out you need to make sure you two have a spark or you might end up having a horrible date for the both of you; make sure you two get along. After you find out that she does not have a boyfriend and she is looking for someone that is not the buff bartender then you might think about asking her out.
For a first date, eating is always a number one choice. Lunch or dinner are both good, depending on how comfortable you are. If your conversations are already flowing easily and you feel something between you go for the more romantic approach: dinner. If you’re not as comfortable as you would like to be which is the case most of the time, take her to a casual luncheon. It would probably be a good idea if you ask her a day before or a sufficient amount of time before the actual date occurs. That will give her time to think about it and/or get ready.

Dinner: Again you should make the decision on what kind of date you want it to be. Do you want to spend the
money and take her to a fancy resaurant, or to Denny’s? Whichever one you choose will be fine. You might want to
mention which of the two you’re taking her to so she knows of what decorum to go. So get yourself looking good and you
leave to pick her up. Make sure you have gum or tic tacs so your breath doesn’t smell. Be polite but don’t be too formal or you won’t have a comfortable time. You have to make her feel comfortable. Open doors for her but don’t try to be too polite and order her food. She might feel uncomfortable; after all, it is just your first date. This date determines if you will continue a relationship as friends or something more. Try to have fun, take your time and talk! After dinner is over with ask her if she wants to go somewhere. A place that is not too far, perhaps ice skating or pool or even your house to have a drink or watch a movie.
When you finally take her home, if you didn’t already kiss, tell her you would like do go out with her again. Depending on her answer you will know if she is interested or not. If she is interested and wants to see you again then try to kiss her goodnight.

Lunch: This meeting is less formal and probably more fun than a dinner. This sort of date would be better to get to know someone. This date could also last longer if things go well.
Ask her to lunch and a movie or something of the sort. You or her can always cancel something later, but that will let her know you want to spend time with her. So have a fun lunch and if she agrees then go do something entertaining after.

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