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By | August 24, 2019

Find out when she wants to meet you (or go on a date if you have already met her)

When you meet people online in your area it is a lot easier to chat with and be casual with through email and instant messaging.
This is good because it makes the signs much easier.

You will know that she is really interested like many of the ways you would tell if she was your friend:

  1. She might bring up plans for this evening or what you’re doing tomorrow night, etc. If she brings up something of this sort you know she wants you to investigate her further and eventually ask her out for the night she refers to.
  2. She will talk to you about hotspots around where either you or her live that she likes to go to (i.e. clubs, bars, a restaurant, or even a beach). She is probably not just making conversation with you when she brings subject matters like this up. Jump on it and ask her to one of the places you know to meet her.
  3. A dead giveaway that she wants you to ask her out for the first time is a movie she has been wanting to see. Women have their ways of getting their point across to men to ask them out and this is one of the obvious signs. Take advantage of her giving you hints.
  4. When she brings up the distance between your houses and how it is not that far away, she is telling you to ask her out and take the ride over to her place to pick her up or lay her down if your lucky.

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