Preparing to Go Out

By | August 24, 2019

Prerequisite: You are willing to spend money to liven up your social life

Before looking for women you must prepare yourself and prepare your house incase you need to take someone back to it. 
This may seem silly but it is the most important part in meeting women.

First go to the mirror. Do you look appealing? If not change
your clothes. If that doesn’t work you might have to go shopping for some new clothes to look sharp in. Next hows your hair?
Make sure you have the look that you want. Keep your haircut the way you want it. Cut it frequently. If you can’t afford that then
a good idea might be to get yourself some clippers and do it yourself.

So now you look good, but when a woman gets close how will 
she react to your smell? Ah Ha! Almost forgot didn’t you? Some deodorants smell weird and some don’t work long enough. Make sure yours is the right kind. Cologne! This is a very important part to your outfit. When women like the way you smell they can’t resist you. Seriously… if you smell good it makes all the difference. Get a cool smelling cologne that isn’t too strong. Get one that women love.

Finally your set to go…but what if she wants to go see your place? What if you invite her for a drink? Can’t make her wait outside while you clean up and make things look nice. Get that stuff done right now. Does your couch look nice? If it doesn’t and you don’t have money to get a nice one then put a couch cover over it. That works perfect. How’s your TV? I hope, for your sake, that it isn’t a 15inch TV. Women like to be impressed. If you can try to impress her or maybe you shouldn’t bring her home. Get some tunes ready. Get some nice CDs in your stereo system, hopefully a nice looking one. Get a bottle of wine or your favorite drink in the fridge.

One more thing… The Bed. This can be the most important part of the night. She will feel very much more comfortable on a big nice looking bed with a beautiful quilt covering it then a little squeeky futon.

Now get a movie ready in your DVD player incase she wants to cuddle and watch a movie.

Put your box of condoms in your drawer; make sure you carefully pick out which type of condoms you want. Now you will be prepared for anytime in the future that you will invite or unexpectedly bring home a hottie.

Now shave in all places needed and put your cigarettes in your pocket and head out as a new man! (In other words just try to look good)

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