Top 5 Ways of Improving Your Relationship

By | August 24, 2019
  1. Make sexual episodes spontaneous.
    Avoid making your sex life routine. Try to make surprises for her. Instead of inviting her over everynight at the same
    time in the same place do something different. Take her out and go to a lover’s point and try it in the car or even outside if she’s real kinky. Grab her while she’s doing dishes or while she’s on her lunch break. Find a time where neither of you are expecting it and creep your hand down her pants or something. She will be surprised but happy that you did it.
  2. Have special day for your partner
    Instead of having the same boring night it will be good to try to make a special night. Make a nice dinner or go out somewhere you haven’t been to. When you come home, have candles, flowers, incense, etc. ready for the occassion and instead of jumping into intercourse. Make her feel special. Rub her all over with a smooth oil or even with your hands. Do your own initimate things with your lingerie or even those handcuffs. Let her relax while you pleasure her slowly and have a long period of foreplay before you get into your own passionate or wild sex night.
  3. Make yourself look better
    Making yourself look better can range from the way you dress to your style of dress or even your body. If you want to impress your woman friend, try improving yourself for her. If you know that all your clothes are old and you have holes in most of your shirts then maybe it’s time to go shopping. She will appreciate it more than you. If you don’t feel like spending that money and rather spend time then work out! It doesn’t take that much to start noticing a difference and not only will it change your looks but it will alter your sex life. You will be able to last longer and pump harder.
  4. Help your partner relax
    Your and her life are most likely stressful. A way to improve your evenings alone and overall spirituality is to get rid of the unwanted stress. First, try helping her out to get rid of her stress to feel more at ease during your evening sex. Offer her help with her daily routine. (i.e. cooking, laundry, cleaning, homework, shopping or anything of the sort you can help with). After you remove some of her stress in this matter, encourage her to do something for herself. Give her a gift of money or certificate to give her time to go shopping. Give her a chance to get a manicure or massage or even money to buy lingerie or clothes. After all of this said and done, try making occassional romantic evenings and have her try on her lingerie for you.
  5. Change the way you argue with her
    Usually when you argue, you want to be right and usually when you try to be right, one of the two of you will be wrong thus making it a no win situation because someone will be wrong. Arguments are healthy for a relationship as long as it is an argument and doesn’t turn into a uncontrolled fight. When neither of you are satisfied, it is the wrong situation to be in and these types of situations must be stopped. When you and your honey argue, try not to make it such a big deal and get out of the argument when both of you are satisfied and happy with the outcome. If one of you is feeling mad about it and not satisfied, it’s always good to apologize about it to make it better. Never let one of you go off while mad. This will just create an unhappy partner and a negative feeling. The outcomes of all the arguments will add up to the anger of the person over time as well. Control your arguments and even if you’re right about something, it is better to give in than to make your partner feel bad. Have friendly “fights”. Don’t let the fights make you sleep on the couch.

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